California Coalition on Workers' Compensation


Shaping a Just and Impartial Workers' Comp System

Today’s workers’ compensation system is challenging the vitality of California’s businesses and the state’s economy as a whole. Employers are burdened with the financial stress of navigating a system that was originally intended to provide them fiscal relief. And injured employees are struggling to secure the benefits they deserve.

System reform is no longer optional; it is essential and the industry is in need of leadership. Our organization has embraced this role.

The California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation (CCWC) works alongside state lawmakers and regulators to make positive change happen. We are credited with directly influencing the historic passage of key cost-saving legislation, including Senate Bill 899 (2004) and Senate Bill 863 (2012). This legislation is reducing costs for employers while addressing benefit shortcomings for injured workers. Today, overseeing the implementation of SB 863 in the spirit in which the law was intended and defending against attempts to reverse its achievements are primary objectives for our organization. But they are not our only focus. We are continually anticipating future challenges and formulating proactive solutions.

We understand the workers’ compensation system like no one else. In fact, we are the only organization solely focused on workers’ compensation issues. Employers frequently seek our guidance and technical expertise. Our renowned conference, the Annual Legislative and Educational Forum, is considered the industry’s premiere educational and networking event.

Our success is driven by our willingness to collaborate and – maybe more importantly – a unique approach that values balanced solutions benefiting both employers and their employees. We are recognized as effective policy reformers offering rational, evenhanded solutions addressing the disparate needs of system stakeholders.

The coalition’s successful advocacy is rooted in the collective strength of our membership that in turn empowers our individual members to engage and make a difference. Coalition members include businesses of all sizes, public and private, representing diverse industries from across the state; trade associations and non-profit organizations that share our purpose; suppliers that serve our industry; and other interested supporters.

Through balanced reform we are building a just and impartial workers’ compensation system – for employers, for employees and for California.