California Coalition on Workers' Compensation


Martin Brady

Martin is Executive Director of Schools Insurance Authority, a joint powers authority providing liability, property and workers’ compensation insurance to over 70 school districts in northern and central California. Martin joined SIA in 1988 as wellness program manager and has been executive director since 1997. He is a strong advocate for public agencies and their potential for providing cost-effective, innovative services. He is a leader and a mentor to those that know him and have the pleasure of working with him.

Martin was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to serve on the Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation (CHSWC) to represent employer interests throughout California. 

He has worked tirelessly on the reforms that we have all benefited from. He is a compassionate advocate for his organization, but always has his mind open to the concerns of the injured worker. He previously served as Chair of CCWC, is a longtime Board member and a champion for a just and impartial workers’ compensation system – for employers, for employees and for California.

CCWC is grateful for Martin’s leadership and honored to celebrate his many achievements and enduring impact on California’s workers’ compensation system with the 2022 Tim East Award!