California Coalition on Workers' Compensation


Legislative Day

Stay tuned for details on our next Legislative Day as they evolve. Guided by the slate of workers’ compensation bills under consideration in any given year, the California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation teams with the California Chamber of Commerce and the Workers’ Compensation Action Network to host the annual Workers’ Compensation Legislative Day.  This event provides our members with an important opportunity to come to Sacramento and meet with key legislative and regulatory decision-makers. 

Educating lawmakers and regulators is a never-ending task and the annual legislative day gives our diverse membership an opportunity to directly contribute to the education and advocacy missions of CCWC. 

Participants should anticipate a two-hour preparatory webinar the afternoon before the event and a full day of meetings with key legislators and staff.  All groups are led around the state capitol by a seasoned lobbyist or an employer-participant with extensive past participation in the event.

Our efforts focus on the following areas:

General Workers' Compensation Education

Workers’ compensation is complex, and a well-educated legislature is our best defense against harmful legislation.

Issue-Driven Education

New issues are always popping up in California’s workers’ compensation system.  We ensure that legislators are education about the new abuses, money-making schemes and problems that are inappropriately driving up costs for employers.

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

Sometimes it is appropriate to have our participants lobby their state legislators and/or regulators on specific issues.  We reserve this activity for the most serious situations where elected and appointed officials need to hear directly from constituents.