California Coalition on Workers' Compensation



Wondering if CCWC membership is right for you or your organization? See what some of our coalition members have to say about the value of being part of the premier organization solely focused on workers’ compensation issues.

“The California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation has been an effective partner in providing visibility and advocacy, and has been successful in both lobbying and understanding the legislative process in Sacramento. The Walt Disney Company is a long standing member of CCWC and recommends the association to employers of all sizes.”

The Walt Disney Company


“Being a member of CCWC provides me valuable information regarding potential legislation.  That information assists me in my evaluation of pending legislation and the potential impact it will have on the University, which allows us to make qualified and informed decisions.”


Kevin Confetti
Deputy Chief Risk Officer Univ. of California, Office of the President, Office of Risk Services

“I have found CCWC to be of great value to my organization over the years.  The ability to understand emerging work comp issues in California and function proactively has a real benefit to our bottom line.  CCWC also provides an opportunity to unite all employers, both large and small, into a powerful organization that specializes exclusively in workers' compensation.”

Martin Brady
Executive Director, Schools Insurance Authority

“CCWC understands and embraces the importance of injury prevention in cost containment within the California workers’ compensation system.  OHS is proud to be associated with this forward-thinking organization.”

Bob Patterson
Leadership Team, Briotix

“CCWC continues to lead the charge in developing and defending a worker's compensation system that is respects injured workers and their employers alike. The California Trucking Association is proud to stand alongside California employers in the battle for fair system.”

Michael Shaw
Vice President, Government Relations, California Manufacturers & Technology Association

"As a long-time CCWC and Board member, I am comfortable and confident in saying that CCWC is sincere and diligent in its pursuit of a fair and balanced California workers’ compensation system.  CCWC works closely and constructively with other organizations that share the same goals. What is so impressive is that none of these organizations care about receiving the spotlight. They only care about achieving fairness, both to the California employer and California employees.”

Dan Nicholson
Director, THPM, Sutter Health


“Becoming a CCWC member has been beneficial in enumerable ways, such as business networking and building friendships, keeping current on California workers’ compensation issues, and working with a very well organized, friendly and professional staff and organization.”

Michael Ramey
Michael Ramey & Associates Professional Investigations

“CCWC is an organization that works directly for all employers in California to ensure benefits are provided correctly and efficiently while protecting the Employer’s bottom line.  Issues are analyzed by employer representatives, attorneys, and legislators and ultimately taken to the Capitol to fight for fairness.  I would encourage every employer join CCWC as it organization that will serve and advocate for all California companies.”

Antoinette Smith
Vice President, Charles Taylor TPA