California Coalition on Workers' Compensation

Be Part of the Solution

New Video to Bolster CCWC’s Strength in Pursuit of Balanced Reform

CCWC’s successful advocacy is rooted in the collective strength of our membership that in turn empowers our individual members to engage and make a difference. This month, the Coalition unveiled a new tool designed to spread the word about the organization and fortify our strength in numbers.

“Be Part of the Solution” is a new CCWC-produced video that emphasizes how California’s complex workers’ compensation system impairs the economic security of both employers and their employees, presenting numerous hurdles that drive up costs for employers and often delay a return to work for injured employees. Thus stressing the need for meaningful reform, the production highlights CCWC’s position as the only organization singularly focused on creating an efficient and stable worker’s compensation system in California.

The video is the centerpiece of a new campaign to promote awareness of the complexities of the current system and CCWC’s commitment to balanced solutions. Members of the coalition are asked to share the video on social media with colleagues and other organizations, encouraging them to help shape the future of workers' compensation by joining CCWC. Follow us on social media, like, share, or retweet our posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to further expand our outreach.