California Coalition on Workers' Compensation



Dedicated to the goals of the California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation, our professional staff – under the guidance of the Board of Directors – provides expertise and leadership on advocacy, business, logistics, communications and event management.

CCWC Headquarters

1415 L Street, Suite 1000
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916.441.4111
Fax: 916.325.4840

Paul Yoder
Managing Director

Paul Yoder

Rob Finley
Deputy Managing Director

Rob Finley, x 5

Jason Schmelzer
Legislative Advocate

Jason Schmelzer, x 1

Kim Rothschild
Senior Director, Marketing and Business Development

Kim Rothschild, x 4

Jeff Wagner
Communications Director

Jeff Wagner, x 6

Mandy Puliz
Association Services Coordinator

Mandy Puliz, x 3

Erin Meyer
Special Projects Coordinator

Erin Meyer

Alison Turner
Certified Public Accountant

Alison Turner

Dodie Wishek

Dodie Wishek

Rebecca Evans
Database and Technology Consultant

Rebecca Evans

Leslie Crippen
Front Desk Coordinator

Leslie Crippen