California Coalition on Workers' Compensation



Dedicated to the goals of the California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation, our professional staff – under the guidance of the Board of Directors – provides expertise and leadership on advocacy, business, logistics, communications and event management.

CCWC Headquarters

1415 L Street, Suite 1000
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916.441.4111
Fax: 916.325.4840

Paul Yoder
Managing Director

Paul Yoder

Rob Finley
Deputy Managing Director

Rob Finley, x 5

Jason Schmelzer
Legislative Advocate

Jason Schmelzer, x 1

Priscilla Quiroz
Legislative Advocate

Priscilla Quiroz

Kim Rothschild
Senior Director, Business Development

Kim Rothschild, CAE, x 4

Erin Meyer
Events & Education Director

Erin Meyer, x 3

Gina Vanacore
Communications & Marketing Director

Gina Vanacore, x 7

Jessica Thompson
Association Services Coordinator

Jessica Thompson, x 2

Alison Turner
Certified Public Accountant

Alison Turner

Dodie Wishek

Dodie Wishek

Rebecca Evans
Database & Technology Consultant

Rebecca Evans

Administrative Assistant

Taylor Carlier